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The ultimate Electric powder spraying system K-V


K-VLOGO-EThe "K-V"is a spray system that reduces powder scattering and improves
the efficiency of powder adhesion to film,by additionally installing an
anti-scattering roll underneath the spray device and spraying powder
into a space compreised of the film,anti-scattering roll,and spray device.
Furthermore,the anti-scattering roll ins always wiped clean of powder
by a wiper,which prevents powder from

Improved working environment with powder scattering control.


・Production-line quality stabilized with decreased dropping rates.
・Improved working environment with powder scattering control.
・Decreased powder consumption with increased powder adhesion efficiency.
・Doubling of the scattering control range with inverter drive control.
・The adoption of a touch panel allows for the setting of scattering volumes by 1%.
・Standard adoption of the monitoring circuit allows for the planning maintenance for wiper failures.


Spraing Conditions
1. Roller revolutions 1.87 rpm
2. Line speed 110 m/min
3. Powder “NIKKALYCO AS-100S”