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Ryutaro Saito


Continually providing quality products and services as they “should be”
Since our founding in 1958, Nikka Limited has been continuing to challenge itself by providing products and services that have extra value.
We believe being attentive to every detail in the products and services we deliver is our major role as a manufacturer.

“Providing products and services as they should be.” This is what we have always valued.
“We provide common products and services to various customers all over the world.” It is simple in words, yet very profound in meaning.
Furthermore, what the expressions “should be” or “common” mean may vary from time to time.
We want to be indispensable to our customers by accurately grasping how their needs change with the times and continuing to provide “common” products and services as they “should be.”

We will continue to strive to be a company that prospers over the next 100 years by developing products and services our customers think “would be good to have”.

President & Representative Director