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Privacy Policy

Nikka Limited strongly believes that appropriately protecting the personal information of our customers and other parties related to us is a social duty of the company. Thus, we conscientiously protect, manage, store and use personal information according to the following policy.

Basic Policy for Protecting Personal Information

1. Observance of Laws and Norms

Company will observe all laws and norms related to personal information.

2. Thorough Conducting of Appropriate Information Management

Company will appoint a manager of personal information and take all necessary and appropriate measures for preventing or correcting any misuse, loss, destruction, falsification or disclosure of personal information. Company will educate and train all employees in the handling of personal information and otherwise endeavor to manage personal information appropriately. Moreover, Company will manage corporate information with the same care as personal information.

3. Purposes and Extent of Collection

When receiving personal information, Company will elucidate the purposes for its collection and collect it only to the extent necessary.

4. Use within Limits of Purposes for Collection

In using, providing and storing personal information, Company will not go beyond the limits of the purposes for which the information was collected and to which the agreement of the information supplier, the supplier's guardian, etc., was obtained, or beyond the limits of requirements prescribed by law and accepted norms.

5. Restrictions and Management of Use, etc.

Company will treat the personal information in its possession confidentially, and will appropriately manage it so that it is not handled in a way that goes beyond the limits of the collection purposes to which agreement was obtained or the limits of requirements prescribed by law and accepted norms. If, within the limits of the collection purposes to which agreement was obtained, personal information is exchanged with outside parties, Company will ensure that its handling is strictly managed.

6. Continual Improvement

To appropriately manage personal information, Company will keep abreast of changes in laws, norms and information technology, and constantly review and continually improve its management practices and systems.

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