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We deliver unique value using a great many ideas and solid technical capabilities.

Nikka is a comprehensive manufacturer of auxiliary machinery equipment and
materials for printing machinery who understands customer needs and fulfils
them with their unique technologies.

Our advantage is that we can provide a variety of solutions and total support to
customers through the integration of our machine products,
supplies (consumables) and maintenance service.

As a leading manufacturer, Nikka will continue with the challenge of
providing unique products and services of high value for years to come.
  • Auxiliary Machinery Equipment for Printing Machinery

    At a printing production site, there are a variety of needs, such as creating more efficient operations, the generation of additional value, cost reduction and safety, environmental and energy saving measures, in addition to quality improvement. Nikka, a company that has always kept pace with the printing industry, proposes the best solutions using auxiliary machinery equipment and systems that support the optimization of the work environment in the factory and that are based on our many years of technology experience.

  • Supplies (consumables)

    Nikka provides many different varieties of supplies (consumables) that are critical for an improvement in the productivity of a variety of manufacturing facilities, as well as for an improvement in the quality of final products. Especially, NIKKALYCO, which is recognized for its high level of safety and widespread use around the world, remains a long-selling brand even after 55 years have passed since our establishment.

  • Related Equipment for Converting, Paper Manufacturing, Converted
    Paper and Plastic Sheet

    Nikka’s technology is expanding its playing filed as times change and technology advances. In a manufacturing facility, greater speed is required in addition to the prevention of product defects. We have prepared a product line up in the WEKO Rotor Dampening System that allows for providing moisture to tack papers and the uniform spray of functional materials, such as silicon and antifogging agents. The NIKKA Sprayer K-Series allows for the spray of NIKKALYCO on laminated film and has a sales track record of approximately 2,000 units around the world. With these products, Nikka makes a contribution to the improvement of productivity and quality in factories.

Winner of the Environmental Award of the Itabashi Product Technology Prize